Quote City: Jared Thomas on the Hermantown boys high school hockey team

Jared Thomas and his Bulldogs teammates skated outdoors with youths at Piedmont Heights Rink in Duluth on Tuesday afternoon. Howie / HowieHanson.com

Bulldogs senior forward Jared Thomas of Hermantown on the 2017-18 Hawks high school boys hockey team: “They’ve been doing well. They had a tough schedule there at the beginning, and played a lot of high quality opponents. The Hawks are young, with a lot of new guys who are playing varsity for the first time. It takes time to adjust and now they’re hitting their strides, winning a couple in a row. I’m sure Pat (Andrews, head coach) is getting used to things, too. They should make a run at the state title again. They need to stick with it and continue to get better every day. I’ve been to a couple games and I think they’ve played well. Ya, happy for the program, as the guys continue in the tradition of Hermantown getting to the state tournament – and continue the two-year streak of winning it, too.”

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