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St. Louis County tax forfeited land auction results in $360,840 in sales

An 80-acre site in Gnesen Township was the top seller in today’s tax forfeited property auction.

The partially wooded property sold for $143,500 — more than $40,000 more than the initial offered price — following bids by several interested parties.

Other successful sales ranged from a 2.5 acre lot on Elephant Lake in Orr, which sold for $55,100, to numerous smaller lots that were purchased for a couple hundred or a couple thousand dollars.

All together, 17 tax forfeited properties were purchased, adding them back to the property tax base, for a total of $360,840.

The sale featured more than 90 tax forfeited properties, including recreational land, buildable lots and several houses. All parcels not purchased at the auction are now available for sale on a first come, first served basis through the St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department. Auction results, as well as a listing of available properties, can be found online at

Two more auctions are scheduled for later this year – on June 13 in Hermantown, and October 11 in Virginia.

Within St. Louis County there are nearly 900,000 acres of tax forfeited land, which the County’s Land and Minerals Department is responsible for managing. Most of the land is maintained for forest management, however, the County is working to sell parcels that are not planned for management as a way to encourage development and increase the property tax base.