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Minn. 8th District challenger Stauber raises more than incumbent Congressman Nolan in 3rd quarter

Minn. 8th District Congressional Candidate Pete Stauber closed the 3rd quarter with just over $136,000 raised since kicking off his campaign on July 10. Incumbent Congressman Rick Nolan reported raising $121,000 in the same quarter.

“Pete Stauber is laser-focused on hearing the issues facing the people of the district as well as their frustrations with Washington, DC,” said campaign spokesman Travis Sterling. “Outraising Rick Nolan represents the momentum and support for Pete as he campaigns and meets with more and more voters around the district every day. The 8th District is clearly fed up with the incumbent congressman and is looking for new leadership — not just the status quo. Democrats, Republicans and Independents like what they see in Pete and believe he will be the change they’re looking for. Nolan had better hope that Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders can swoop in and rescue him.”

The 3rd Quarter ended at 12 a.m. on the morning of October 1. Campaign committees had until October 15 to file their reports.

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