Alice Skadsberg: Top Ten Blessings

I am sitting here watching the storm come in, in Duluth, in the middle of April. I am cozy and warm in a warm house drinking a cup of hot coffee. No discomfort what so ever. So……. I thought this would be a perfect time to list my newest top ten blessings. Here Goes:

1) I want a real Spring to come but I am in fairly good health and have eyes to see the snow. Enough said.

2) Everyone I meet is complaining about the United States of America right now. They have good reason to complain. However, I still feel lucky and free, so there you go.

3) My husband and I lost our precious Harley dog two years ago ( quite suddenly ). We were devastated. Less than a month later a young girl could no longer care for her puppy and BINGO in comes “Miss Ellie”. A little white ” sticky outie” haired bundle of sweet loving energy. There you go again.

4) There is gun violence, robberies, and assaults on the news daily. Yes… but…I walk down my street and the young kids on the corner, ( some of them are foster kids), yell out to me and say, Hi! Alice, Hi Ellie, with loving enthusiasm. Puts a smile on my face and pep in my step.

5) I have some great male and female friends who, when my book was published, all wanted to buy copies, sight unseen and did not ask the price. All to support a friend. How about that?!

6) Some of you know about my experiments with people. You know, the ones where I use the name of the wait staff in restaurants, and my smiling at people as I pass them. I am still doing that. While walking my dog, I quickly got out of the way of a car, smiled and waved. It turned out to be one of the ladies from my credit union. When I stopped in she mentioned it and said it made her smile all the way home. See! Still working.

7) I have finally adjusted to retired life and am sleeping 8 to 9 hrs. a night. Every night. Now that is a blessing.

8) Life can suck sometimes but you do not die from it most of the time. I look at that as a good thing and therefore a blessing to me.

9) I recently dug out some old pictures of my grandmother’s from around WWI. She had the same smile, at the same age, as her great great granddaughter. More than 100 years apart. What a wonderful blessing to see the similarities over the generations.

10) The final blessing is this: I am able to write down my thoughts and pass them on to others. And the gift to me is that there are people who will actually read those thoughts and enjoy them.

‘Till next time, count your blessings no matter how small. It really helps.