Alice Skadsberg: We who live in the Northland

It is early June and we who live, all year round, in the Northland have had a rough Spring. It has been rain, cold, rain, cold, etc. The topic for today is about my recent Saturday experience. Here goes:

I woke up to a beautiful blue sky and bright sun. I did not get excited yet because the wind off the lake could come at any moment. I had a leisurely breakfast with my usual cup of coffee. My husband Tom left very early to go fishing on Lake Superior and was excited. I gave him my non-drowsy Dramamine and told him to bring a hat, jacket, and gloves, just in case. I got my grubby gardening clothes on, took the dog for a walk, and then deweeded the gardens for a couple of hours.

Guess what? It continued to be beautiful outside and the temp rose to the mid to high 70’s. Paradise!! I took a shower, made some fresh lemonade, and took the dog, my book, the lemonade, and a pillow out to a padded lounge chair. This chaise was under a blossoming crabapple tree. Oh! I forgot to say I put a favorite DVD in and opened a window so I could hear the music.

There I was, comfortable, with blossoms smelling divine above me, some of which floated down on the lounge chair. It was quiet out with only the beautiful music playing in the background and the occasional bird singing in the tree above. I was careful so those birds did not poop on my head. I may have been enjoying the ambiance but am not an idiot after all.

I had not a care in the world at that moment in time. No dinner to get ready, no phone to answer — just laying back, reading my book and breathing in apple blossoms, lily of the Valley, and lilacs, like perfume in the air. No allergies here. Totally at peace. I stayed there for several hours soaking it all in. It continued to be a perfect day with little or no wind. Finally I brushed off the petals and went back in the house.

Here is the deal: the peaceful feeling stayed with me until bedtime. I laid down and thanked God for the day and realized that this is why we live here. Who appreciates a day like that more than someone who lives close to the often chilly, temperatures of Lake Superior. No one, people! No one.

We have learned to savor every beautiful moment of those rather uncommon “perfect” days.

‘Till next time enjoy the perfect days when we have them, my friends.