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Homeowners and renters are reminded that if they want to file for a Minnesota Property tax refund for 2017 the deadline to do so is Thursday, August 15. People also may file a claim for a property tax refund for 2018, however the deadline for that isn’t until August 15 of next year.

According to the Department of Revenue, approximately 680,000 Minnesotans received a total of $500 million in property tax refunds last year. That averaged out to more than $925 for homeowners and $700 for renters.

To be eligible for a refund, a homeowner must have had a household income of less than $110,650 in 2017. For renters, the income limit in 2018 is $59,960. (Eligible household income amounts are slightly higher for 2018 refunds.) Forms, instructions and additional eligibility requirements can be found on the Minnesota Department of Revenue’s website:

“Property tax refunds are handled by the state. We want to do what we can to make sure our citizens know this money is out there,” said St. Louis County Auditor Nancy Nilsen. “We have the responsibility as a county to collect property taxes, but we also want to make sure people are aware of this opportunity to get some of their money back.”

Any questions about property tax refunds and eligibility requirements should be directed to the Minnesota Department of Revenue at (651) 296-3781 or (800) 652-9094.

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Construction begins Monday to create a J-Turn at the intersection of U.S Highway 53 and Industrial Road (County State Aid Highway 7) in Twig. The work will cause lane closures at times for motorists on Highway 53, as the intersection is reconfigured.

Once complete, the intersection change will have no affect on drivers on Highway 53, or for drivers on Industrial Road turning right onto 53. However, drivers on Industrial Road wanting to cross 53 or turn left onto it, will instead turn right and travel a short distance before making a U-Turn to cross into the other lane and proceeding.

A J-turn design makes intersections safer by eliminating the potential for right angle crashes, and reducing the number of other potential collision points.

The new intersection is expected to be complete in October. KGM Contractors is the contractor for the project. Motorists are reminded to slow down and pay attention when traveling near or through a work zone.— St. Louis County

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