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Hermantown announces public hearings on road improvements

By Joseph Wicklund
Hermantown will hold public hearings on December 16 at 6:30 p.m. regarding proposed changes to Lindahl Road and Morris Thomas Road/Old Highway 2.

On Lindahl Road, the city is exploring the impact and cost of either permanently removing or rebuilding a bridge over the Midway River. Should the bridge be closed, Lindahl Road would no longer travel from Morris Thomas Road to U.S. Highway 2.

The more frequently-traveled road under discussion at the public hearing is the stretch of Morris Thomas Road/Old Highway 2 between U.S. Highway 2 and Midway Road. St. Louis County is making changes to the intersection of Morris Thomas Road and U.S. Highway 2 in 2021 to improve safety.

This safety upgrade will change the location of where the east portion of Morris Thomas Road meets U.S. Highway 2, and no longer make it possible for traffic to travel straight across U.S. Highway 2 to the western portion of the road.

Participation in both public hearings by members of the public impacted by any potential road changes is welcomed and desired. The hearings are held in conjunction with Hermantown’s final regularly-scheduled City Council meeting of 2019.

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