Press Release: Duluth Bizpac on Spirit Mountain

Spirit Mountain
“The recent events surrounding the financial status of Spirit Mountain is very unfortunate, but signals the need for a comprehensive review of all operations at Spirit Mountain. All potential recommendations, including the sale of Spirit Mountain, should be considered. The operation has been hampered over the years for many reasons. Some of the business decisions made (not building the golf course years ago, Snocross risk, etc.) that have surrounded this facility over the years has doomed the possibility of it being a successful and profitable operation in government hands. Government should not be involved in operations that can be better run by private entities. Everything has a life-cycle. We understand and appreciate the benefit that Spirit Mountain has provided to Duluth over the years. The hard work and dedication of past and current staff is also recognized and appreciated. That being said, it may be time to move on from this facility and let private interests take control of operations and to remove the financial burden of Spirit Mountain from Duluth taxpayers.”