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St. Louis County board approves $407 million budget for 2020

The St. Louis County board has approved its largest budget to date, reflecting the reality of increasing costs to provide the core services that citizens expect.

Commissioners unanimously approved the county’s budget for 2020 at $407,171,161. Just over a third of the budget — 35-percent — is funded by the property tax levy.

The budget includes increased investment in public works equipment and materials to support the county’s road and bridge infrastructure. It also supports investments in public safety and in programs that address substance use and mental health, as well as other services for vulnerable adults and children. Additionally, it addresses the cost of wages and benefits.

“This budget speaks to the interests and needs of our community,” said Commissioner Beth Olson, who chaired the Finance Committee this year. “It reflects investments that will bring cost savings down the line or will deliver necessary services to our citizens.”

More information on the 2020 budget can be found online at St. Louis County serves 200,000 residents spanning 7,000 square miles.

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