Quote Me, Howie

Duluth Denfeld Shoreliners girls dance coach Jenna Davis on Thursday night’s annual end-of-the-year show at historic Denfeld Gym and the talented Hunters:

Howie: Jenna, tell us about this year’s team and the show:

Jenna: They’ve been a very hardworking team, for sure. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs with struggling with snow and missing school, missing practices, and even missing a whole competition due to the snow. So, we’ve made do with what we’ve been given, and they’ve worked hard and harder as the season has progressed. Tonight, this is where we showcase all of our routines and showcase other teams and studios from around the Northland. It’s also our biggest fundraiser of the season. The girls always have a lot of fun at the event because it’s at home in front of their peers and family.

Howie: Please list some of the junior varsity and varsity highlights of the season:

Jenna: Our JV has killed it with first-place after first-place all season, and our varsity has placed at each event including finishing seventh out of 15 teams in our section. We’ve had a lot of sick girls the end of the season here, so we’re making do with changing formations. Our main goal all season has been to increase our scores every week, and that’s what we’ve done.

Howie: List some of your top performers:

Jenna: I’ll give you our captains, Madeline Kinzinger, Makenzie Horrocks and Sophia Hendrickson. Madeline has rallied our troops all season, and definitely is one of the most vocal girls on the floor and at practices. Makenzie is an awesome dancer and a leader for our girls. And Sophia Hendrickson is our most determined dancer.

TAKE A BOW: Denfeld Shoreliners dancers Sophia Hendrickson, Makenzie Horrocks, Madeline Kinziger, Elliana Jouppi, Alexis Abernethy, Gracie Coautte, Chloe Brown, Katie Brown, Olivia Danielson, Ariana Ferguson, Hailey Giernett, December Haedrich, Wrenn Jarvis, Ani Jovanovich, Brooke Maciver, Annie Miller, Alivia Nylund, Makayla Pearson, Jade Peterson, Katey Saburn, Lauren Scott, Neva Zigich and Gina Udd.

Managers are Mikayla Bourdeau and Mary Johnson.

Coaches are Davis, Heather Townsend, Dani Huse and Allie Marttila.