City seeks developers to develop portions of Enger and Lester golf courses

By Kate Van Daele
The City of Duluth is looking for proposals from development partners to collaborate on the development of a 10-acre portion of the Enger Golf Course and a 50-acre piece of lower Lester Park Golf Course.

Both properties are known for their spectacular scenery, rich history and impressive views of Lake Superior.

Selected entities will collaborate with the city to create a development that includes mixed-use residential developments at a rage of price points, potentially including affordable housing. The city will make the selection based on the developer’s background and ability to develop the site in a way that meets the city’s goals.

The request for proposals (RFP) can be found here. The RFP includes details about each site, objectives needing to be addressed within the plans, format, and evaluation criteria. Questions can be asked of Planning and Economic Development staff until February 28, 2020. Proposals are due on March 16.

Enger Park Golf Course