Little League Scoreboard

Hermantown Twins slugger Max Plante tripled to left centerfield against the Western Yankees in a Quad Cities Little League majors game in 2017. Howie /

Today’s Games

Lake Park Majors
Blue Jays at Phillies, 6 p.m. Field C
Cardinals at Twins, 6 p.m. Field A
Yankees at Red Sox, 6 p.m. Field D

Eastern Little Majors and Minors
No games scheduled

Quad City Minors
Hermantown Gold Minors vs. Up North Insurance Cloquet, 5 p.m. Braun Park USG
Northwoods CU Cloquet vs. Mercy Hospital MLWR, 6 p.m. Moose Lake
Play it Again Sports Proctor vs. Carlton 1, 6 p.m. Chub Lake
Twins WD vs. Proctor Bank, 6 p.m. Klang 1
JS Realty Esko vs. Valley Printing Barnum, 6 p.m. Barnum
Berube Auto Sales MLWR vs. Sammy’s Pizza Cloquet, 7 p.m. Braun Park USG
Proctor Builders vs. Dodgers WD, 7 p.m. Wade 2
Rustic Diner Barnum vs. Scott Prachar Agency Esko, 7 p.m. Esko Memorial

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