‘Toppers, ‘Hounds dominate our 2017 Preseason All-Section 7 High School Boys Hockey Team

Drum roll, please: Announcing the much-anticipated HowieHanson.com 2017 Preseason All-Section 7 High School Boys Hockey Team:


F – Tyler Watkins, Hermantown senior – Points magnet, thick offensive threat, good mitts with above average speed, the Hawks’ best player who needs big season to draw even more D1 attention.

F – George Grannis, Duluth Marshall senior – Tenacious forechecker, physical, two-way team-first player, good finisher, excellent speed, high motor, must play with discipline. Section 7’s D1 top sleeper recruit with lunch bucket game and strong character.

F – Garrett Worth, Duluth East senior — Diminutive super-sniper, big-game performer, good mitts, opportunist, needs to develop consistency and improve 200-foot game.

D – Willy Stauber, Duluth Marshall senior — Steel thick with Popeye strength, A-plus toughness and determination, heavy shot, team leader, dominating defender in defensive zone, needs to play with discipline and limit penalties. Huge upside at the next level, and possibly the next two levels. Comparable: Former Bulldogs and Carolina Hurricanes D Justin Faulk.

D – Luke LaMaster, Duluth East senior – Top two-way defender, excellent tape-to-tape to start the breakout, prefers to activate offensively, team leader, needs to improve consistency. Comparable: Former Bulldogs and Anaheim Ducks D Andy Welinski.

G – Lukan Hanson, Duluth East junior – In the hot seat in first year as likely full-time starter, coming off strong Elite League season, needs to play with poise and control rebounds. Comparable: Former Bulldogs and Arizona Coyotes G Hunter Miska.


F – Ian Mageau, Duluth East senior – Power forward with offensive pop, strongman in one-on-one battles, needs to continue to dominate physically at both ends of the rink. High character, focused guy. Comparable: Wild F Charlie Coyle.

F – Ryder Donovan, Duluth East junior — North Dakota commit, power forward (6-3), heavy in offensive zone, good mitts, pro body, needs to dominate at both ends of the rink. Comparable: Former ‘Hounds and University of North Dakota F Trevor Olson.

F – Levi Stauber, Duluth Marshall senior — Michigan Tech commit, elite sniper, quickest and heaviest shot in Section 7, quick feet, needs to get bigger and stronger to be a top-six impact player at next level. Has pro upside. Comparable: Former Bulldogs and Kings F Alex Iafallo.

D – Dane Stoyanoff, Cloquet junior – Good size and strength, solid D1 prospect (unsigned), good skater, good mitts, complete two-way game, needs more big-game exposure.

D – Hunter Paine, Duluth East junior – Solid D1 prospect (unsigned), tough defense-first game, excellent skater, strong hockey sense, needs to play with spark and discipline.

G – Gabe Holum, Grand Rapids senior — Part-time starter a year ago, strong catching glove and solid low, needs to step up as everyday starter.


F – Brandon Schmidt, Hermantown senior
F – Blake Biondi, Hermantown sophomore (Bulldogs commit)
D – Darian Gotz, Hermantown junior
F – Ben Troumbly, Greenway sophomore (St. Cloud State commit)
D – Christian Miller, Greenway sophomore (St. Cloud State commit)
F – Landon Langenbrunner, Cloquet junior
F – Jarrett Lee, Hibbing senior
F – Jack Fitzgerald, Duluth East junior
F – Kade Bender, Cloquet junior
D – Peter Hansen, Duluth Marshall junior
F – Cade Moreland, Virginia junior
F – Cody Hendrickson, Eveleth-Gilbert senior
F – Jordan Linder, Proctor senior

Willy Stauber, Duluth Marshall

Mike Randolph, Duluth East