Annual count of homeless in St. Louis County scheduled for next week

As this region’s economy continues to improve, there are still people who are homeless in our community and who, for a variety of reasons, are not in shelters even at this time of year, risking winter’s harsh weather conditions.

How many people live this way, as “unsheltered homeless”, is the focus of an annual county, which St. Louis County’s Public Health and Human Service Department will conduct next week. The purpose is to identify people who are homeless and not staying in a shelter on the night of January 24, 2018.The Point in Time Homeless Count.County is required by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, and county staff are working with community service providers and agencies to complete it.

An “unsheltered homeless” person, for this count, is defined as having a primary nighttime residence that is a place not meant for human habitation. Examples include a car, park, abandoned building or storage unit, bus or train station, airport, campground or woods. It also includes people who are “doubled up,” meaning they are temporarily living with family and friends because they have nowhere else to go. People living in this situation meet the state’s definition of homeless.

This annual survey is important because money and resources awarded to communities to fight homelessness are based on documented counts of homeless persons and families. St. Louis County will be collecting information on Thursday, January 25, in order to find and document where homeless people spent the previous night.

Citizens who have information and people who are homeless and willing to complete a brief, five-minute survey, can meet with county staff and other partners at the following locations on January 25, in Duluth:

. Government Services Center (triage reception area), 320 West 2nd Street

. Damiano Center, 206 West 4th Street, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

. Life House, 102 West 1st Street, noon-1 p.m. and 3-6 p.m.

. St. Louis County Veterans Service Office, 405 East Superior Street

In northern St. Louis County, surveys can be completed at:

. AEOA, 702 3rd Avenue South, Virginia

. St. Louis County Veterans Service Office, Northland Office Building, 307 1st Street, Virginia

. Access North, 1309 East 40th Street, Hibbing

. St. Louis County Veterans Service Office, 1814 East 14th Avenue, Hibbing

. St. Louis County Veterans Service Office, 320 Miner’s Drive East, Ely

. Bois Forte Health and Human Service Building, 13071 Nett Lake Road, Orr

. New Moon Supportive Housing, 1224 White Pine Circle, Tower

People also can provide information by calling United Way 211, or Chum’s Street Outreach at 218.461.8505.

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