City of Duluth asks residents to conserve water until 6 p.m. today

By Pakou Ly
The City of Duluth is extending its water conservation request for residents until 6 p.m. today. This especially applies to large appliances that require significant amounts of water.

City staff have been working through the night to address high turbidity during intake of water at the Water Treatment Plant. High winds and lake currents have stirred up significant amounts of sediment which then enters the intake system. This presence of additional sediment means the system has to work even harder to pump and treat the water.

The city assures residents and customers that the water is safe and of the highest standards.

Conservation efforts today will ensure adequate water distribution to all customers throughout the day but also allow staff more time to monitor and make adjustments to the treatment system. The city expects that customers should be able to resume normal use of water after 6 p.m.

The city strives to provide the best quality drinking water and customers can be assured of this commitment.

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