City reopens segment of Lakewalk Trail by Fitgers Complex

By Pakou Ly
The City of Duluth Parks and Recreation division has been working diligently since yesterday’s winter storm to clear debris from the Lakewalk Trail and is reopening the section from Endion Station public restrooms to the Portland Malt Shoppe and Fitgers Complex area.

The asphalt portion of the trail is clear but users should avoid the boardwalk due to some disjointed planks. The trail heading east to Water Street is passable but users should watch for barricades at 16th Avenue East where the washout is located.

The city reminds the public that the section of the Lakewalk Trail behind the hotels in Canal Park connecting to the Aerial Lift Bridge is not passable and has significant damage and thus requests the public stay clear of this section for safety reasons.

Brighton Beach is still closed until further notice.

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