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Downtown Clean & Safe Team spreads Valentine’s Day cheer

The Duluth Downtown Waterfront District Clean & Safe Team is bringing back a Valentine’s Day tradition.

For the 13th year, team members will be spreading a special message of cheer with residents, employees and visitors they encounter in the skywalk system on Thursday.

Team members will be handing out about 500 boxes of conversation candy hearts in celebration of Valentine’s Day. And printed on the outside of the box is the message: “We LOVE having you in the Downtown Waterfront.”

“It’s a great way to let people know we appreciate their support of the downtown, plus it puts a smile on everyone’s face,” said Kristi Stokes of the Greater Downtown Council.

The Clean & Safe Team was created in 2005 to provide hospitality, supplemental safety and cleaning services. They are recognized for their highly visible safety-green and navy uniforms. Both the Team and the Duluth Downtown Waterfront District are managed by the Greater Downtown Council.

Source: Greater Downtown Council press release