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Essentia Health offers best way to quit smoking

Essentia Health’s mission is to make a healthy difference in people’s lives and one of the best ways to do that is to help people addicted to smoking quit the habit.

“We surveyed communities where we have hospitals and one of the recurring health issues in just about every area was tobacco use,” said Jill Doberstein, who heads up Essentia’s tobacco cessation efforts.

But quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things to do, did you know it takes seven attempts on average to quit for good?

“The best way to quit smoking is one-on-one counseling, combined with medications, and those could be nicotine patches, lozenges or prescription medications,” Doberstein said.

Essentia’s tobacco cessation specialists are available at your local clinic, which is important, so people won’t have to travel long distances to receive help. Another tool in the resource box against tobacco is a toll-free number for patients to call and schedule a counseling session.

“This is critical, because once someone makes the decision to try and quit, we can schedule an appointment for them right away, so they don’t have to wait for a call back to see a tobacco cessation specialist,” said Doberstein.

Smokers may want to consider joining others on Thursday which marks the annual Great American Smoke Out. The American Cancer Society annually celebrates the Great American Smoke Out as a day to challenge people to make a plan to or actually stop using tobacco.

“Don’t go it alone,” said Doberstein. “Stick with us and stick with what works.”

To learn where Essentia’s tobacco cessation counselors are in your area, visit here: Essentia’s 44 tobacco cessation service locations. You may also call your local clinic or (844) 403-7010 (toll-free) to schedule an appointment with a tobacco cessation specialist.