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Hawk Hustle fundraiser underway

Hermantown Elementary School hosted two assemblies today to kick off a community fundraising event called Hawk Hustle.

The fundraiser is for new playground equipment at Hermantown Elementary School.

“Students in grades K-5 will seek donations from families and friends for the next two weeks and then participate in a 15-minute run/walk around the high school track, which is called the Hawk Hustle,” said project spokeswoman Kelly Biondi. “Last year the students raised over $20,000 and this year our goal is $25,000 to complete the final push for our fundraising efforts.”

Former Hermantown mayor and businessman Dan Urshan surprised the youth with a check presentation to help kick off the fundraiser.

Another exciting surprise: Teachers Mr. Kaldor, Mr. Schmitz and Mr. Olson announced that if the students reach the $25,000 goal, they will sleep on the roof of the school on May 24. A little extra incentive for everyone.