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Hermantown Gold setting the pace in Quad City Little League Majors

Hermantown Gold slugger Max Plante. Howie /

Hermantown Gold, Adolphson Realty Esko and Sappi Esko are the lone unbeatens in the Quad City Little League 24-team majors circuit, and seven teams have suffered only one loss through four weeks of the regular season.

Hermantown Gold is 5-0, and Adolphson Realty Esko and Sappi Esko are both 4-0. Three teams are winless.

“Our team leaders and assistant coaches help a lot getting the team ready to play, which is a help to our younger guys,” said Hermantown Gold coach Frank Bartsch. “We have good pitching, and the kids never give up and battle back. They practice hard, listen well and look forward to playing baseball every time they come to the field.”

Esko’s four teams are 15-2 combined, and four teams from Hermantown are 13-4.

Hermantown Gold will play the Western Duluth Royals (1-3) on Tuesday at 5 p.m. at Wade Little League Field 2 located behind Wade Stadium in West Duluth.

Also Tuesday: Adolphson Realty Esko visits Hawk Shop Barnum (0-4) at 5 p.m. and Esko Sappi plays host to Reliable Insurance Cloquet (2-3) at 7 p.m. at Esko Memorial.

Take a bow, Hermantown Gold players and coaches: players John Gannucci, Jack Slattengren, Keatin Graves, Evan Gunderson, Tatum Sawyer, Victor Plante, Max Plante, Henry Hynes, Nolan Barker, Vaun Kukowski, Brody Mathews and Jimmy Bartsch; and coaches Randy Barker, Frank Bartsch and Kristi Plante.

Quad City Majors Standings

Hermantown Gold, 5-0
Adolphson Realty Esko, 4-0
SafeSun Esko, 4-1
Sappi Esko, 4-0
Proctor Reyelts Law Firm, 3-1
Merrill Lynch Hermantown, 3-1
Hermantown Blue, 3-1
Liberty Kennels Esko, 3-1
Carlson Ortho Cloquet, 2-1-1
T&C Hardwood Proctor, 2-1
Reliable Insurance Cloquet, 2-3
Moose Lake Dental, 2-2
Four Star Construction, 2-3
Northern Apparel MLWR, 2-3 Southgate Pizza Cloquet, 2-3
Arrowhead Orthodontics, 2-2
Nationals Western Duluth, 2-3
Cardinals Western Duluth, 1-2-1
TJ’s Meats Barnum, 1-3
Premier Theaters Cloquet, 1-4
Royals Western Duluth, 1-3
Rage Broadheads Cloquet, 0-4
Hawk Shop Barnum, 0-4
carltonmj1, 0-5

Tuesday Quad City Games

carltonmj1 at Proctor Reyelts Law Firm, 5 p.m. Klang 1

Four Star Construction Proctor at Arrowhead Orthodontics Hermantown, 5 p.m. Hermantown

Hermantown Gold Majors at Royals WD, 5 p.m. Wade 2

Carlson Ortho Cloquet at Moose Lake Dental MLWR, 5 p.m.

Southgate Pizza Cloquet at SafeSun Esko, 5 p.m. Esko Memorial

Adolphson Realty Esko at Hawk Shop Barnum, 5 p.m.

Angels WD at Proctor Bank Rookies, 5 p.m. Klang 2

Hermantown Gold Rookies at Cubs WD, 5 p.m. Wade 1

Finlayson MLWR at LiftPro Cloquet, 5 p.m. Braun Park Manneys

Gordy’s High Hat Cloquet at Superior Squeege Esko, 5 p.m. Esko Playground

Kiminski Paving Cloquet at First National Bank MLWR, 6 p.m. Moose Lake Twilight Field

Hermantown Blue Majors at T&C Hardwood Solutions Proctor, 7 p.m. Klang 1

Nationals WD at Merrill Lynch Hermantown, 7 p.m. Hermantown

Rage Broadheads Cloquet at Cardinals WD, 7 p.m. Wade 2

Premier Theaters Cloquet at Northern Apparel MLWR, 7 p.m. Moose Lake

Reliable Insurance Cloquet at Sappi Esko, 7 p.m. Esko Memorial

Liberty Kennels Esko at TJ’s Meats Barnum, 7 p.m. Barnum

Orioles WD at T G Carroll & Son Proctor, 7 p.m. Klang 2

Hermantown Blue Rookies vs. Yankees WD, 7 p.m. Wade 1

Gateway MLWR at Ulland Brothers Cloquet, 7 p.m. Braun Park Manneys

Harbor Haus Timber Esko at Piontek Construction Esko, 7 p.m. Esko Playground