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Duluth Denfeld Theatre will present the Disney classic High School Musical starting today at 7 p.m. at historic Denfeld Auditorium.

Additional performances are scheduled for 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 2 p.m. Sunday. All tickets are $10 and available only at the door.

The amazingly-talented Robert Williams plays Troy Bolton. Howie /
Emma Schiltz is our Gabriella (Montez) and Robert Williams is our Troy (Bolton),” said Duluth Denfeld Theatre Director Matthew Pursi. “Kelly Killorin and Logan Rosholt (Sharpay and Ryan Evans) play the twins, who are the leaders of the drama club and against the Gabrielle and Troy lovebirds getting together. Charleigh Frederick is playing Ms. Darbus, the over-the-top drama director.”

High School Musical is the juggernaut of Disney in the last ten years, Pursi said.

“It’s very much loved by this current generation of kids, and the modern-day Romeo & Juliet, Westside Story, Grease all mixed into one,” Pursi said of the popular musical. “It’s a lot of fun, just what this generation really identifies with. It’s boy meets girl, who are from different sides of the track, and, of course, they can’t be together because society won’t accept it. But they find a way. It’s a wonderful message, at the heart of it.”

Pursi said Denfeld’s amazing High School Musical student performers and production staff are eager and ready for opening night.

“What a great group of kids,” he said. “We truly do have the mix of kids who are being portrayed on stage. We have kids who have never done theatre before and said, ‘I want to be in this show. Because I grew up with this, I have to be in it.’ And they are just loving it. If they only perform in one play, I’m OK with that because they’ve had this experience. We have, of course, the veteran kids who have performed in four, five, six plays, who come from the (Duluth) Playhouse and are really diggin’ this show, too, and enjoying the Disney vibe. They’re great to work with.”

Twin Ports People

Ellena. Submitted
Savanna Ellena, a specialist in social media and digital advertising, has joined Swim Creative’s digital team. She’ll be responsible for strategic planning, implementation, and management of digital and social campaigns.

. Dr. Mark Scott, a trauma surgeon, has joined the Essentia Health-Duluth Clinic. He will care for patients who have traumatic injuries or illnesses requiring immediate intervention or life-saving surgery.

. Nurse Practitioner Angela Joneson has joined the family medicine department at Essentia Health St. Mary’s-Superior Clinic.

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