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How To Automate Your Financial Life


Avoid financial mess with our 5 smart ways to automate your finances and feel good about money.

To begin, determine your financial goals and generate a budget. A budget is a great starting point to sort bills, spending and savings goals. Once you have established your goals and budget, you can set the method for managing your money into auto-drive with our 5 smart ways to automate your finances.

Direct Deposit

It’s a fast, safe and convenient way to receive your paycheck, eliminating waiting periods for paper checks, and the need to visit a bank in-person to deposit your check.

Check with your employer to see if they offer direct deposit, to eliminate your bi-weekly trip to the bank and make your money accessible instantly on payday.

Mobile Deposit Capture

If direct deposit isn’t an option with your employer, MCCU’s mobile banking app allows you to easily deposit paper checks right from your phone. Simply take a picture of the check you want to deposit and upload it directly to the app with no additional fees.

At MCCU you can automate your deposits to go into specific accounts for saving or spending, taking away the need to manually transfer money between your accounts.

Bill Pay & Re-occurring Payments

Your bills are probably the last thing you want to think about. Let alone, take the time to log in to every different website to pay your bill. With the convenience of bill pay and re-occurring payments, you can automate the bill-paying process by setting-up automatic payments.

Text Alerts

Take the stress out of wondering whether you have enough money in your account for spending, savings, or bills, with text alerts. Stay on top of your account balance and transactions by receiving text notifications. With MCCU’s text banking, there are a number of alert preferences you can select from.


Enjoy the ease of sending funds to your family, friends or even landlord through Popmoney. Popmoney offers great personalization and scheduling features to send funds automatically.

With a little strategic thinking and some time to get your automated financial system up and running, it will surprise you how simple managing your money can be.

Being in control of your finances is a great stress reliever.

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