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MCCU puts innovation to the test with biometric technology

Members Cooperative Credit Union (MCCU) is putting innovation in the palm of their members’ hands, with Verifast, an award-winning biometric solution that uses an infrared sensing device to detect each person’s unique palm vein pattern. MCCU will use this technology for the purpose of efficiently and securely verifying their members’ identity and acquiring their account information.

Palm vein scanning is a highly reliable method of identification that uses more than five million verification points (thumbprint 10,000; retina scan 100,000) to establish a secure, individualized connection. Palm vein patterns are unique and remain stable throughout a person’s life. This technology offers superior security and accuracy because veins are “hidden” under the skin, making forgery virtually impossible. While the system is designed for the use of the palm, it can read veins in other parts of the body like the wrist or elbow.

The enrollment process, which takes less than a minute, is an optional benefit of membership with MCCU. Once enrolled, individuals simply hold their palm over an infrared sensing device making the verification process instantaneous. Verifast technology will be available in all MCCU locations by the end of March 2018. Once enrolled you can use it at any branch.

For more information on MCCU or the Verifast technology, visit or call 218.625.8500.