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Minnesota Slip seawall project advances toward completion

By Pakou Ly
The City of Duluth is moving closer towards completion of the repairs for the failing seawalls in Minnesota Slip in the Canal Park waterfront district.

The Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office gave clearance to the City of Duluth this week enabling subsurface aspects of the project to commence. This project is a critical step in a multi-agency collaboration to fortify the seawalls, prevent erosion and clean contaminated soil in the slip. The seawall repair project is estimated to cost about $6 million. The soil remediation project is expected to commence this fall.

The contractor has been staging equipment and materials on site and will start driving 45 foot long steel sheet piles into the water starting mid-day today, April 28. The process will require driving the metal below the water and soil with impact and may result in some residual vibrations. Workers will be working until 6 pm today and going forward, will plan on 12 hour work days (from 7 am to about 7 pm) with no work planned for Sundays. The tentative date for completion is mid June, barring any complications or unknown site conditions.

The public is prohibited from entering or approaching the fenced off construction zone as a safety precaution.