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Superior Street Reconstruction – Word on the Street

By Pakou Ly

Wrap-up of This Week
Sidewalk removal and utility upgrades continued on the north side of Superior Street beginning on 4th Avenue W (headed East). The project reached as far as Security Jewelers. Temporary sidewalks were installed following this portion of utility updates.

Hot water was installed between 4th Avenue W. and 5th Avenue W, including tie-ins to the maurices building.

What to Expect July 23-28
Access to businesses and residences remain open.

Sidewalk removal and utility upgrades will continue Monday with Security Jewelers then and will progress one building at a time to ensure business accessibility throughout the scope of work. Temporary sidewalks will be installed following this portion of utility work. The majority of businesses on the north side are accessible by skywalk. For those few properties without alternate entries, Northland Constructors will make every attempt to reduce the disruption of sidewalk removal and enable some public access to those businesses.

Hot water lines will continue to be installed from across 4th Avenue W. headed east.

Additional excavation will happen on 4th Avenue W. intersection heading north above the intersection. Pedestrian access on the north side of the intersection will be removed.

Alley access from 4th Avenue W. will be removed to complete electrical duct work and hot water installation. Entrance into the alley is available from 5th Ave West or 3rd Ave West but there will be no outlet to 4th Ave W from either direction.

Sidewalks in front of the Northland Building will be removed to fill in their building vault.

Detour Routes
Pedestrian Access Route Maps are located in kiosks on each avenue

Please use the following link to review vehicle detours:

Weekly Meeting
All are welcome at the weekly construction update meeting every Tuesday at 10:00 am at the Radisson Hotel in the Missabe Room.

Live Feed
You can see a live feed of the construction site anytime using this link.

Parking Ramps
Many ramps are offering free parking if you enter and leave within an hour. For those accessing businesses in the construction zone, the following ramps are participating:

Civic Center Ramp—410 W. First Street
4th Avenue Auto Park—402 W. Michigan Street
Duluth Transportation Center—228 W. Michigan Street
US Bank Ramp—115 W. Michigan Street

Love Downtown Duluth – Love Notes

Please remind patrons, family and friends to support businesses in the affected construction zone throughout construction season.

The Clean and Safe Team (in bright yellow shirts) are helpful construction navigators so look for them in the skywalk or on the sidewalks. They are a great resource! Remember to support our local businesses downtown.

See it, hear it, feel it. The “Love downtown Duluth” tv and radio ads are up and running.