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Superior Street Reconstruction Word on the Street Weekly Newsletter

Submitted / City of Duluth

Wrap up of this week

Thank you to all 53 participants who joined us for the Superior Street meeting intended to inform downtown businesses about Phase 1 and 2 project details and lessons learned. It was a great discussion touching on schedules, logistics, street closures, signage, communications/marketing, parking and access for customers and deliveries. Thank you for your continued engagement and patience!

Crews continued to back fill between 3th Avenue W. and 5th Avenue W. to prepare for concrete work in the coming weeks.

The hot water connection has been made through 6th Avenue W.

The last of storm sewer work was completed to the west of 6th Avenue W.

Curb and gutter were installed on the north side between 3rd Avenue W. and 4th Avenue W.

What to Expect September 7-15

Access to businesses and residences remain open.
Please note, sidewalk routes will be changing in the coming weeks to accommodate for preparing for concrete pours in sidewalks. Business doors will remain accessible. Take care to look for changes to kiosks and additional signage for pedestrian reroutes. Each block will have one side that remains open fully open to pedestrian traffic.

Curb and cutter will be formed at the 4th Avenue W. intersection and on the south side between 3rd Avenue W. and 4th Avenue W.

Sidewalks will be graded and readied for pouring to the south between 4th Avenue W. an 5th Avenue W. Temporary entrances will be installed to ensure access to buildings during business hours.

The skywalk tunnel between the Radisson and the Duluth Public Library will be waterproofed.

The sidewalk in front of the Duluth Public Library will be removed for vault waterproofing and final sidewalk installation.

Crews are continuing with hot water installation.

Utility work will continue along 4th Avenue W. The alleys will remain accessible from 5th Ave West and 3rd Avenue West, but through traffic onto 4th Avenue W. is not allowed.

Work will begin on the front of the Lenox Building retaining wall.

Detour Routes

Pedestrian Access Route Maps are located in kiosks on each avenue

Please use the following link to review vehicle detours

Weekly Meeting

All are welcome at the weekly construction update meeting every Tuesday at 10:00 am at the Radisson Hotel in the Missabe Room.

Live Feed

You can see a live feed of the construction site anytime using this link:

Parking Ramps

Many ramps are offering free parking if you enter and leave within an hour. For those accessing businesses in the construction zone, the following ramps are participating:
Civic Center Ramp—410 W. First Street
4th Avenue Auto Park—402 W. Michigan Street
Duluth Transportation Center—228 W. Michigan Street
US Bank Ramp—115 W. Michigan Street

Love Downtown Duluth – Love Notes

Please remind patrons, family and friends to support businesses in the affected construction zone throughout construction season.

The Clean and Safe Team (in bright yellow shirts) are helpful construction navigators so look for them in the skywalk or on the sidewalks. They are a great resource! Remember to support our local businesses downtown.

See it, hear it, feel it. The “Love downtown Duluth” tv and radio ads are up and running.