Tax forfeited land auction results: 28 properties sold for $374,000

A house on 9th Avenue East in Duluth generated a lot of interest. So did two adjoining 18 acre parcels along Old Highway 169 in Hibbing. These are three of 28 properties that are again privately owned and back on the property tax roll following St. Louis County’s Tax Forfeited Land Sale Auction held Thursday morning in Hermantown.

The 28 properties sold for a total of $374,000. The house in Duluth, originally valued at $64,550, ultimately sold for $88,000 after multiple parties offered competing bids. Meanwhile, an 18-acre lot at the intersection of Old Highway 169 and Rainey Road in Hibbing, valued at $13,700, sold for $24,500; and the adjoining 18-acre lot to the west, valued at $15,100, sold for $23,000. Other properties sold include buildable lots and recreational land throughout the county.

Parcels not purchased at the auction are now available for sale on a first-come, first- served basis through the St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department. The County will be offering two additional tax forfeited land auctions this year — on June 14 in Hermantown and October 11 in Virginia.

Within St. Louis County there are nearly 900,000 acres of tax forfeited land, which the County’s Land and Minerals Department is responsible for managing. Most of the land is maintained for forest management, however, the County has been trying to sell parcels that are not planned for management as a way to encourage development and increase the property tax base.

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