The Sweet Spot an indoor golf hotspot in Duluth

The Sweet Spot.

The Sweet Spot is an indoor golf facility in Duluth’s Lincoln Park district.

“The biggest demand is when the real courses close, but we’re also busy when it rains and for visitors in the summer who simply want to practice their stroke,” said Stephanie LaFleur, who owns and operates the business along with her husband, Chris LaFleur.

The Sweet Spot utilizes a pair of TruGolf Driving Reality simulators.

“You may choose to golf at St. Andrews or Pebble Beach, any of 87 courses – it’s the actual course, just virtual, and you hit your own clubs,” Stepanie LaFleur said. “You pick the course, play nine or 18 holes, and the course comes to you on a screen. We get a lot of retirees who can’t walk or drive the course, so they come in and play nine holes. It’s always a balmy 68 to 72 degrees here.”

The technology is realistic and fairly accurate.

“Cameras pick up the trajectory, the speed of the club, the club face, and there are three microphones that all calculate the shot to about 95-percent accuracy,” said LaFleur.

Steve Barschdorf is on staff to provide expert instruction and club fittings.

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