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Traffic restrictions for Central Entrance, Mesaba Avenue begin Monday

Motorists will encounter traffic restrictions at the intersection of Central Entrance and Mesaba Avenue beginning Monday in Duluth.

Eastbound Central Entrance at Mesaba will be reduced to one lane of traffic. The right turn lane to Mesaba Avenue and the right lane of traffic will both be closed. Motorists will use the left lane, also open to through traffic, to turn right onto Mesaba Avenue. Drivers will be unable to turn left onto Rice Lake Road.

These restrictions at Central Entrance and Mesaba Avenue will also be in place on Friday, June 15 from morning until early afternoon.

The right lane of southbound Mesaba Avenue will be closed from Central Entrance to 3rd street.

· Access to the west from Mesaba will only be permitted at West 7th street and West 3rd street.

· West 4th will be closed.

· Northbound lanes will remain open, but access to the west will be limited to West 7th street and West 3rd street.

Restrictions are a result of the continuing improvement project along Highway 194/Mesaba Avenue.