UW-Superior suspends 25 academic programs

Leaders at the University of Wisconsin-Superior have suspended several academic programs in an effort to positively affect student success and position itself to continue to remain responsive to regional needs. UWSuper.edu
The University of Wisconsin-Superior today suspended several academic programs in what it describes as an effort to affect student success and position itself to continue to remain responsive to regional needs.

Suspended are one graduate program, nine major programs and 15 minor programs. Decisions were made based on program enrollment trends, credits to degree and other factors, the university reported in a press release distributed today.

New students will not be admitted into these programs at this time. Students who have currently declared the shuttered majors or minors will be assisted in completion in their program of study, the university said.

Approximately three percent of UW-Superior undergraduate majors are currently enrolled in one of these major programs of studies, with the majority of these students at senior status.

“We are committed to helping students complete their current program of study. Faculty and professional academic advisors will work with students in these programs to ensure they can complete,” said Brenda Harms, Interim Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management.

No faculty will be laid off as a result of these suspensions. The university will continue to offer more than 50 majors and more than 40 minors.

According to the National Center for Inquiry and Improvement, students faced with a multitude of program choices struggle with course selection, which can lead to making misguided decisions. First generation college students are particularly susceptible to becoming overwhelmed by large academic program arrays. Considering 46 percent of the UW-Superior student body meet first generation criteria, the university’s decision will narrow the possible options for incoming students and help them make more informed decisions.

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