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William A. Irvin move delayed

William A. Irvin. Howie /

The City of Duluth and the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center were anticipating the move of the William A. Irvin ship out of the Minnesota Slip to Fraser Shipyard this week. The move is necessary for restoration and repairs of the historic 610 foot laker but is dependent on calm winds and lake conditions since the ship has no propulsion mechanisms.

Unfortunately, the weather outlook for the remainder of the week is not favorable. Therefore, the contractor is considering options and monitoring weather models for the week of September 24.

When a date is determined, another public notice will be issued. In the meantime, the Minnesota Slip Bridge in Canal Park will operate as usual. The public can expect the City to pin the Minnesota Slip Bridge in the up position a day ahead of the official move and would resume Minnesota Slip Bridge operations after the Irvin’s departure.