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Alice Skadsberg: The new bucket list

Those of you who have followed me in the past know that I am a firm believer in “Bucket Lists”. You know, make a list of adventures or things you want to accomplish in your lifetime.

I was amiss and did not start making such a list until my 50’s and early 60’s. I have accomplished many of the things on my list over the years including many of those adventures and travel wishes.

Two of which was a trip to Cuba and a hot air balloon ride (what a blast). Also on my lengthy list were some fixes to our house, including a gas fireplace insert — a beautiful thing, click on and click off.

I also accomplished my biggest check off, I wrote a BOOK, SOMETHING I HAD WANTED TO DO FOR WELL OVER 40 YEARS. (Yeah!!!!!). I still have a couple of things left on the old list — very expensive travels — that I hope to get to.

That aside, I need to create a new bucket list — things I either hadn’t thought of or had forgotten about. Thus, my blog for today:

Everyone needs to have a bucket list. All ages and financial means. We all need something to aspire to with no exceptions. Some of these things will cost money so I suggest you start putting away a few dollars each month. It does not have to be a lot but it does add up. I did it and I was a single mom of two, working as a nurse and going to school.

Some things will require a level of fitness, so get your butt out there and get started. A few will require bravery such as reconnecting with someone you have long lost touch with. For some of you it will require a move, either out of your comfort zone or even some out of the country. Trust me on this, making a move to do any of the above will enrich your life in ways you can not imagine and often give your self-esteem a huge boost.

I have started my new bucket list already. The lady who has cut my hair for many years suggested a new style and new and different highlights. I took the plunge and have been receiving many compliments already (except from my husband WHO HAS NOT EVEN NOTICED). I look very snazzy.

I am also restarting an old practice of paying it forward. I am giving it a new twist and will keep you posted on how it goes.

I am also going to turn off the television and other tech devices for a period of time each day just to see what that does for me.

I want to go on one more adventure that I have thought about for years. That is to take the Empire Builder train across the country to Seattle. I have a girlfriend who wants to go as well. Our husbands tell us to have fun — and believe me, we will.

My other big adventure is to go on at least one more trip with my granddaughters, who are juniors in college and turning 21. The clock is ticking on this one.

There you go. Does it give you all some ideas of your own? I hope so.

I am excited to add some more simple things to my list as well as to see how the bigger ones pan out. Life is not always easy and we all have “stuff to do”.

We can do this, people. Baby steps at first then take a few brave plunges, will ya?

Checking things off has given me so much pleasure. I want that for you all as well.

‘Till next time, and as that famous baseball commentator always says, “Play Ball”, or whatever is on your list.

Let’s get started.


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