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Duluth officials conduct initial assessment following storm surge

The Lakewalk suffered significant damage during a recent rain and wind storm. Howie /

By Pakou Ly
City of Duluth officials have conducted a very preliminary assessment of the damages as a result of yesterday’s storm surge.

During the assessment, the city reviewed multiple areas such as Park Point, Brighton Beach, the Lakewalk Trail and western neighborhoods. Erosion, downed trees, flooding, and dislodged boards and amenities were prevalent. Additional and more thorough assessments will occur in the coming days.

The city continues to communicate with its county and state partners to coordinate the process for emergency state aid. The state process requires 72 hour period from the end of the event for submittal of documentation. The city anticipates having a general cost estimate early next week.

St. Louis County will then be requested to make an emergency declaration prior to the submittal of an aid request.

At this time, the city is informing the public that the following areas are temporarily closed to public use:

. Park Point: 12th Street beach access boardwalk has shifted and therefore has been blocked off.

. Lakewalk Trail: There is no access at this time from the Lighthouse parking lot to Leif Erikson Park including the pedestrian trail behind the Ledges residential units east of 21st Ave East. As a reminder, the section behind the Fitger’s complex was already closed this week for repairs from last year’s storm. Due to loose debris, large rocks and uneven cement sections, the city is asking the public to avoid using the Trail in Canal Park until crews have conducted debris removal and reopened a safe accessible path. Initial small debris clean up will commence tomorrow.

. Brighton Beach is closed due to road and shoreline erosion.

. The sidewalk between the DECC and Great Lakes Aquarium has been disturbed and dislodged.

City of Duluth workers surveyed damage to the Lakewalk Trail today. Howie /