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Free parking downtown for Christmas City of the North Parade

Parade participants and spectators will again find plenty of free parking in Duluth’s Downtown on Friday, November 16.

For the convenience of the thousands of people who converge on the Downtown for this annual event, free parade parking is being offered again after 5 p.m. at the following ramps/lots:

. Fourth Avenue Auto Park, 402 W. Michigan Street

. Duluth Transportation Center, 228 W. Michigan Street

. US Bank Ramp, 230 W. Michigan Street

. Civic Center Ramp, 410 W. First Street

. Tech Village Ramp, 10 E. First Street

. Medical District Ramp, 302 E. First Street

. Fitger’s, 600 E. Superior Street

. Phoenix Parking Lot, 98 N. 4th Ave West

. St. Luke’s Hospital Ramp, 1020 E. First Street

. St. Luke’s Employee Parking Lot, 119 N. 12th Ave East

Duluth Parking, Oneida Realty, US Bank, Stender Properties, Duluth Transit Authority, St. Luke’s and Fitger’s are providing complimentary parking at the above facilities.

In addition to the ramps, parking meters will be free of charge after 5:30 p.m.

The Annual Christmas City of the North Parade will begin at 6:25 p.m. Units will be staging on London Road and will start the procession at 10th Avenue East and Superior Street. The parade will follow Superior Street to 4th Avenue West.